IT Solutions

Technology Assessment

Whether it's providing support for your employees, maintaining your day-to-day IT operations or protecting your intellectual property, Tech Rooster can cover it all while you stay focused on growing your business. Claim your complementary technology assessment today! One our staff members will assess the state of your IT systems including:Backup and Recovery Planning Network Security + Remote Access Email Messaging + Spam Controls Workstation & Server Maintenance Practices Virus Prevention

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Servers, Storage & Backup


Having trouble keeping up with the management & patching of your servers? Patching servers and applications can be a very time-consuming process to ensure new updates don't "break" other applications. You also can't afford to allow your systems to remain vulnerable if a new security exploit is discovered. Tech Rooster is well versed at server management, patching and troubleshooting.Engage Tech Rooster for a comprehensive strategy to keep your systems updated.

Server Virtualization

To maximize the utilization of modern server hardware it’s common place to virtualize servers with popular hypervisors such as VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V Server. Tech Rooster has the expertise to deploy and manage your server infrastructure whether you are still using physical servers or newer virtual server instances


When it comes to storing data, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Before you decide where and how you’ll store your data, you first need to understand the amount and type of data you have along with the motivation behind storing the information.Tech Rooster can help you formulate a strategy to store the data on premise, utilize cloud storage or some combination of the two.


How long could your business survive if you lost access to your most important files? Data loss is one of the greatest impacts to small and medium-sized businesses today. Backup of vital company information is crucial to the survival of a business. Tech Rooster can assist with setting up the most practical backup solution for your company whether that be a tape, hard drive, or online backup solution.

Apple OS X - Mac Server Setup

Want your server setup correctly the first time? We offer professional installation and management of Apple's Mac OS X Server platform. We can Also provide Mac and Microsoft Active Directory integrations

Networking, Wireless & Security

Is Your Office Network Slowing Down Your Business or Creating Security Risks?

Having a slow or unreliable network can bring your business to a grinding halt. If you have bandwidth intensive applications that use video or voice for conferencing as an example then you need a network that can perform. Embracing the flexibility of wireless networking - Adding wireless capabilities to your network provides users (and guests) freedom and flexibility in the way they interact with your network With so many IT manufactures driving innovation, evaluating new technologies and knowing which ones make sense for your business can be overwhelming. On top of that it can seem difficult to configure all the features and functionality they inherently provide.

Network Management

Tech Rooster has the expertise to deploy and manage your network infrastructure whether your needs include a single site network, a new wireless network or multi-site solution.

Moving Offices or Building out Additional Floor Space?

Tech Rooster can provide network cabling services to wire your office building with all the necessary connectivity you require.

End User Computing And Devices

Tech Rooster does Windows AND Mac!

More and more of our customers use both Windows and Mac computers. We can perform desktop computer upgrade services including operating system, RAM, and hard drive upgrades. We can also facilitate the deployment of new computers as a part of a tech refresh to include data migration services from old to new systems.

Desktop Virtualization or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)  

Another growing trend in the tech industry is to provide end-users with virtual desktops which they can access anywhere on any device. Use cases like contract employees, call centers and remote workers are just a few of the many examples where desktop virtualization can be of benefit to your organization.

Tech Rooster has the expertise to deploy and manage popular VDI solutions provided by VMware, Citrix, Apple (Boot Camp), Virtual Box and Parallels.

Mobility & Devices
Which device(s) are right for our business? 

With smart phones and tablets more prevalent than ever it can seem overwhelming when trying to determine which is the best device for you users. It’s important to understand the way in which each user will be using a device to perform their job.

Does the end user need to perform a lot of data entry or authoring of content? What applications will they need to access? Do they just need to consume information or reference digital manuals and documents while occasionally responding to emails? These are important questions to ask before making an investment in devices like the Apple iPad or the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft.

Just as important is how will you manage the devices and protect the intellectual property on these devices in the event there are lost or stolen?